Forecast Rent-At-Risk with Tenant Credit Profile

GeoPhy’s Tenant Credit Profile helps you find diamonds in the rough, by finding properties in your investment universe with tenants who’re doing better than those in neighboring buildings, enabling you to avoid potential issues before they occur and more accurately predict rent collections and shortfalls.

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Consumer Scores:
Evaluate aggregated tenant credit scores, estimated income, and estimated liquid assets.
Consumer Distress Indicators:
Monitor percent of tenants that have deferment, forbearance, or “payment holiday” agreements in place with one or more creditors.
Credit Delinquency Rates:
Monitor aggregated tenant delinquency rates by credit type (i.e. credit card, auto loan, mortgage, and student loan).
Credit Applications and Usage:
Analyze aggregated tenant leverage ratios, credit application rates, and maxing out credit lines.
Unprecedented Insight

GeoPhy’s Tenant Credit Profile provides a leading indicator of future rent collections that is objective and based on building tenants’ aggregate credit scores and payment behaviors on loans/credit lines.

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Labor market uncertainty

Evaluating prospective or portfolio multifamily properties, you know how things stand today. But you have limited insights into how tenants are doing in today’s economic environment. How likely are they to miss next month’s rent?

Inability to foresee problem properties

Amidst this uncertainty, CRE lenders and investors need to justify loan loss reserves and collection forecasts as well as prioritize which properties/loans will benefit most from tenant/borrower payment deferral campaigns.

A Building-Level View of Credit Profiles

GeoPhy Tenant Credit Profile helps you identify at-risk from low-risk properties by aggregating credit information for all of a building’s tenants. You can track trends such as credit score changes, missed loan payments, increasing credit utilization, and applications for more credit to gain insight into which properties are heading to a cliff – and which look in good shape.

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