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GeoPhy helps real estate professionals understand commercial property value and its underlying drivers.

Find Opportunities, Manage Risk

Our Evra platform helps you source, screen, and underwrite commercial real estate (CRE) assets, primarily Multifamily properties. How Evra by GeoPhy helps CRE professionals:
Deal Origination: Our data science continuously pre-underwrites all U.S. CRE properties, defining the most attractive opportunities at any given moment in any given market.

Property Screening: Our web platform sizes opportunities by market / submarket / neighborhood based on your custom criteria, providing integrated property overviews that tap our ever-expanding data and insights sources.

Underwriting Platform: Our workflow integration leverages all components of our data and insights tools to make underwriting faster and more efficient with a micro-applications approach.

Multifamily valuations in as few as five days.

Apprise is GeoPhy’s joint venture with Walker & Dunlop combining their industry-leading multifamily underwriting experience, our data science and analytics technology, and the expertise of some of the most trusted MAI-certified appraisers in the U.S.

Combining unparalleled access to data, expert multifamily appraisal specialists, and innovative technology, Apprise delivers the highest quality appraisals faster than ever before. We take pride in executing every engagement efficiently and consistently, while also providing exceptional client service nationwide. We are ready to assist you with any valuation or advisory service.

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