We are the global, independent platform for real estate data and information.

105.681.213 buildings
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Data as a Service

We offer independent property intelligence. Our fully audited dataset includes information and modelled insights from the building level, right up to national and international location and portfolio overviews. We combine structured and unstructured data into one global standardised property database.

Quality scores

Our proprietary quality scores offer an objective international standard for commercial and residential real estate.

Portfolio Reporting

We create holistic portfolio optimisation tools. Our platform brings together information from listed and non-listed funds which have direct real estate investments to give a consolidated overview at the building level. We track value, quality, sustainability and users from the individual building to the global portfolio.


Our Alpha dashboard presents a central and holistic portfolio management solution by combining fund positions in one overview.


Our Research projects focus on building dynamic models and forecasting tools that use machine learning to drive new applications.
Our geomatics projects use geohash to combine and integrate vast new sources of data from the public domain. From site suitability analysis to stress tests across the world.


A Black Swan event such as the Brexit vote does not offer much room for an effective predection, but we can offer a dynamic stress test.

Case Studies


High potential versus no potential

In this report we analyse the viability of the offices in the Netherlands based on a “high potential - low potential - no potential” scale.

Major structural surplus in office space

The office market is under pressure from 3 parallel drivers: more effective use of space, increasing productivity/virtual work environment, aging workforce. These trends combined with the general economic development ensure a growing vacancy rate.

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