A new approach to property valuation

Many of today’s AVMs use data-driven linear algorithms specific to a region, metro area, or neighborhood. At GeoPhy, we take a different approach. We use a wider breadth of data to identify global patterns and integrate hyperlocal features to refine analysis specific to a property. This key innovation allows GeoPhy to explore non-linear relationships that expose relevant features that drive property value.

Our Story

Initially launched in the Netherlands as OfficeRank, we started as data aggregators, providing offices with a quality score based on contextual data.

With a vast database of enriched property data and machine learning expertise, we changed our name to focus on leveraging our core competencies to uncover property features that drive value.

Approached to help a large U.S. government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) develop faster, more accurate independent property valuations for its multifamily loan books worth in excess of US$280bn.

Our efforts result in the first machine learning-enabled valuation solution proven for U.S. multifamily properties. An initial 9% median absolute error (MdAPE) compared favorably against the 10% – 15% rate of traditional appraisals.

We’ve grown the team, enhanced our product (5.85% MdAPE with ongoing refinement), and formed new business partnerships to bring you even better and faster property values.

We introduced EVRA, the commercial real estate industry’s first valuation platform that goes beyond providing a simple valuation by exposing the underlying drivers of value for commercial multifamily properties in the US. Meanwhile in the Netherlands, we introduced GeoPhy WOZ, a residential AVM that provides accurate valuations of the entire Netherlands housing stock for property tax assessments.

Our data science and technology analytics powers the launch of Apprise, a joint venture with multifamily underwriting leader Walker & Dunlop to provide a more objective, consistent, and transparent FIRREA-compliant multifamily appraisal delivered in as little as five days. We also launched GeoPhy Neighborhoods so you can analyze properties’ surroundings more granularly than at the submarket level. And our Tenant Credit Profile provides multifamily buildings’ aggregate credit profiles so you have a leading indicator of future rent payments.

Over the last five years, we’ve grown from a small team of engineers, economists and data scientists working out of a garage (yes, that’s true), to a global employer with staff across The Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Lithuania.

We’re focused on providing clear, true insights on property values.
Teun van den Dries
GeoPhy’s CEO & co-founder
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