Diligence from a Distance

Fast, reliable access to hyperlocal data, benchmarks, value estimates, sales comps, and more that helps you assess the attractiveness and risks related to commercial multifamily properties across the US

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Quickly understand and assess whether a property or neighborhood meets your expectations on quality and value compared to benchmarks
Monitor the changing health of properties you own, manage, or service with features like crime rates, aggregated tenant credit scores, schools, and other amenities
Instantly get an accurate, objective, current value estimate for your properties alongside automatically generated sales comps and nearby transactions
Get smart on a property, fast

Evra puts the information you need at your fingertips to help you understand the attractiveness, health, and risk of a property, its tenants, and its surrounding area

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Our reliable, data-driven value estimates provide a quick and in-depth understanding of property values’ nuances in diverse markets.

GeoPhy’s multifamily Automated Valuation Model (AVM) significantly outperforms traditional approaches by exploiting non-linear relationships in data from a combination of property, market, location, and social data sources. Our multifamily and industrial Benchmarks assemble and assess hundreds of factors, weighing them to determine potential impacts on property value.

Measure market attractiveness with proprietary US neighborhoods defined by granular data like amenities, housing stats, and demographics.

GeoPhy Neighborhoods quantify local area attractiveness with more geographic granularity than commercial real estate investors and lenders have traditionally accessed. Quickly and surgically identify the most attractive local areas within a city and submarket.

Tenant Credit Profile
Thoroughly evaluate the rent-at-risk or opportunity associated with multifamily assets based on aggregate tenant financial health.

GeoPhy’s Tenant Credit Profile provides a leading indicator of future rent collections that is objective and based on building tenants’ aggregate credit scores and payment behaviors on loans/credit lines.

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Assessing one or more multifamily assets? Evra helps manage risks and find opportunities in these turbulent times by tapping granular, low latency, forward-looking data.

Access Evra via a delivery option best suited to your business needs
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  • API
Quickly conduct initial property screenings
Pressure-test other valuation sources for multifamily properties
Audit and complement traditional sources of valuations and market information
Monitor property portfolios to identify value, locale, and market changes
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