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Fast, reliable, data-driven valuations that expose underlying drivers of value for commercial multifamily properties across the US

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We obtain property transaction data directly from first parties and cleanse it ourselves.
We integrate hyperlocal contextual data like crime, education, restaurants, and nightlife from unconventional sources.
We overlay that data with our proprietary algorithms that include accurate walk- and transit-times.
Reliable value assessments on demand

Evra sifts through the noise to deliver detailed, objective, data-driven value assessments for multifamily real estate assets across the United States at a fraction of the time of today’s conventional methods.

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GeoPhy AVM
Quickly uncover reliable, data-driven multifamily property values that capture the nuances of a diverse market.

GeoPhy’s AVM exploits data from a combination of property, market, location, and social data sources. It explores non-linear relationships to deliver value assessments that significantly outperform traditional approaches.

Value drivers
Identify property, location, income, and market characteristics that drive real estate value and performance.

Evra’s underlying Data Management Platform assembles and assesses hundreds of factors that potentially impact property value. Supervised machine learning models then calculate the influence of these factors based on comparative analysis of training data to provide a transparent weighting of Value Drivers relevant to a subject property.

Visualize actual walking, driving, and public transport catchments.

Evra combines road and transit networks with proprietary algorithms that take ‘on the ground’ conditions into account for more accurate calculations on areas reachable within minutes by walking and multiple modes of transport.

Get the most from Evra

Valuing one multifamily asset or a portfolio of assets? Evra helps identify optimal quantity, mix, and quality of property, location, and market features that drive multifamily real estate value.

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Quickly conduct initial property screenings
Pressure-test other valuation sources for multifamily properties
Audit and complement traditional sources of valuations and market information
Monitor property portfolios to identify value, locale, and market changes
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