Using Applied AI, we create instant and accurate valuations for commercial real estate.


We are a tech company building Artificial Intelligence for real estate. Our proprietary data management platform allows us to integrate thousands of unique data sources about the built environment, combined with advanced algorithms that provide instant and highly accurate valuations.

Empowering our clients

We work with some of the largest lenders and investors in real estate in the world. Our technology offers a direct alternative for the traditional appraiser workflow. Instead of waiting for weeks to get a valuation that is only marginally accurate, our clients have access to instant and much more accurate valuations.

Our Team

Adriaan Hoogduijn

Head of Kaunas Office

Ajit Bansode

DevOps Engineer
Q: What do you do at GeoPhy? Tell us more about your role. A: My main role is to oversee our data collection process, ensuring data quality whilst handling huge quantities of data as efficiently as possible. This process focuses on our Delft and Kaunas offices. Q: Why GeoPhy? What attracted you to the company? A: Back when the company was still called Office Rank, I was surprised to find that this was a start-up company involved in something I would have thought would have been around for years. A great idea combined with a sense of adventure to match made me very enthusiastic to play my modest part in helping to build up this company. Q: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned at GeoPhy? A: The question is never IF something can be done, but HOW it can be done. Q: If you could define GeoPhy in one word, what would it be? A: Freedom of thought (3 words actually). Q: What do you do enjoying in your free time? A: Mountain biking, gaming and driving my car across Europe.

Alex Koerselman

Senior Data Analyst

Ali Ayoub

Sustainability Engineer

Alyssa Lumi

Recruitment & HR

Andreas van der Hoeven

Enterprise Data Architect & Diversity Officer

Arnas Loda

Data Admin

Brittany Burns

Business Development

Carmen Martinez Barbosa

Data Scientist

David van Mil


Daw de Jong

Office Manager

Dimitrios Kontokostas

Senior Data Engineer

Eija Leena Koponen

Senior Data Scientist

Emma Atkins

People Developer

Ernestas Žemaitis

Data Admin

Francis Thode

Senior Software Engineer

Georgia Tzovla

GIS Engineer

Gianluca Gindro

Senior Data Scientist

Hung Nguyen


Irene Suurland


Joris Markunas

Data Admin

Joris Wenting

Senior Developer

Leon Noordam

Data Admin

Lukas Litvinas

Data Admin

Lukas Zuzevičius

Data Admin

Mantas Jakelaitis

Data Admin

Marijana Novak


Marius Vadeika

Data Analyst

Marius Zukauskas

Data Admin

Martijn van Calker


Mathijs Nelemans

GIS developer

Matt Kohl

Senior Data Engineer

Mees Uittenbogaard

Research Assistant

Megan Strachan

Software Product Manager

Miglė Tauraitė

Data admin

Monika Valentukonytė

Data Admin

Nick Spelt

Senior Developer

Nils Kok

Chief Economist

Olga Plakhuta

Agile Coach

Paulius Cepulionis

Data Analyst

Rawand Hawiz

Data Engineer

Samur Cardoso de Araujo

Head of Data

Sander Mulders


Stefano Vercesi

Frontend Developer

Teun van den Dries


Thaer Samar

Senior Data Scientist

Thijs Welman

Senior Developer