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We provide CRE professionals instant access to unique data and hyperlocal insights so they can find, evaluate, and close more deals in less time with greater confidence.

GeoPhy is making the world of commercial real estate more transparent, efficient, and faster.

Find Opportunities,
Manage Risk

We help you identify opportunities in a changing market and assess risks in your real estate assets. Our solutions quantify hyperlocal, low latency data and turn them into actionable insights.

  • Quantify Opportunities: Size opportunities by market, submarket, and neighborhood based on your custom criteria using our master property, loan, and hyperlocal insight datasets
  • Prioritize Where to Play: Evaluate and prioritize opportunities according to market / submarket / neighborhood size, attractiveness, and risk profile using our neighborhood ratings, walkability/driveability metrics, tenant credit metrics, and more
  • Identify Target Properties: Pinpoint prospective deals, including borrowers most likely to respond favorably to refinance offers and off-market properties likely to appreciate
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Join major rating agencies, lenders, investors, debt holders, insurers, regulators, and large government-backed enterprises utilizing GeoPhy’s solutions to set strategies, improve returns, and better manage their real estate portfolios.

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