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GeoPhy has redefined neighborhood boundaries across the US based on granular data like amenities, housing stats, and demographics.

For the first time ever, investors and lenders can view neighborhood boundaries based on what the population deems desirable and attractive.

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GeoPhy Neighborhoods scores neighborhoods according to three categories: amenities, demographics, and housing data. Each neighborhood also receives an overall score, which is the average of its category scores. GeoPhy Neighborhood Rankings are delivered in simple, filterable spreadsheets, making it easy for you to explore neighborhoods, link them to your internal property data, and perform your own analysis. Sort neighborhoods by their GeoPhy Neighborhood Rankings, or sort them by a characteristic crucial to your investment thesis, such as rents, occupancy, or household income.

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Situation: More selective investing

Given the size and duration of commercial real estate investments, investors and lenders must be selective about where they focus their energy and resources – especially in the current unsettled times.

Challenge: A lack of supportive data

CRE investors and lenders need to not only prioritize in which markets to invest but also which local areas to focus on within those markets. That’s a challenge given the lack of data typically used today.

Solution: Real Estate,
Meet Data Science

GeoPhy Neighborhoods quantify local area attractiveness with more geographic granularity than commercial real estate investors, and lenders have traditionally accessed. It enables them to quickly, surgically identify the most attractive local areas within a city and submarket. GeoPhy Neighborhoods is a key complement to traditional data sources.

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