Evra v1.16 Release Notes: Introducing GeoPhy Crime Maps and New Value Drivers

The latest Evra version (1.16) contains three new features to better understand the underlying value of a property:

  1. New Neighborhood Crime Map
  2. Improved Map User Experience
  3. New Crime and Employment Value Drivers

With these latest additions, GeoPhy Evra now combines even more important variables, tools, and visualizations to provide insight into the attractiveness of a neighborhood or property. Making Crime Maps along with Crime and Employment Value Drivers available will save Evra users time in market research, screening, and underwriting.

1. New Neighborhood Crime Map 

Evra now features a new Crime Map layer. This map enables users to research reported crime in the proximity of the subject property. It contains the following crime categories that have taken place within a 15-minute walk reach of the subject property: 

  • Violent—i.e. robbery and aggravated assault
  • Property—i.e. theft, burglary, and larceny
  • Non-serious—i.e. weapons possession
  • Other—i.e. other incidents resulting in a 911 call

Users viewing the map will see crimes displayed as clusters of reported incidents within a specific area. Crimes displayed occurred in the last 12 months. The circles around clusters display how often a specific category of crime occurred. When users click a cluster, a tooltip displays the number of reported crimes per category (e.g. aggravated assault).

GeoPhy Neighborhood Crime Map

2. Improved Map User Experience

We also received feedback that users would like additional map visualizations and functionality. The latest release of Evra enhances the user experience of our Neighborhood Map.

  • Menu is changed and moved to make it easier to find and operate
  • Number of points (e.g. number violent reported crimes) within a given walk and drive time on the map is displayed in the menu
  • Map background color and walk and drive reach visualization updated to improve contrast and visibility
  • Zoom functionality enhanced with amenity and transit points displayed as icons
  • Map rendering performance significantly improved

3. Crime and Employment Value Drivers 

Finally, users have requested additional Value Drivers. With this release, we introduce a new Crime Value Driver group. We also added a number of new Employment Value Drivers:


  • Total Reported Violent Offense Count
  • Total Reported Violent Offense Rate
  • Total Reported Property Offense Count
  • Total Reported Property Offense Rate
  • Total Reported Non-Serious Offense Count
  • Total Reported Non-Serious Offense Rate
  • Total Reported Other Offense Count
  • Total Reported Other Offense Rate


  • Labor Force Population
  • Labor Force Participation (%)
  • Labor Force Change – 1 year
  • Labor Force Change – 1 year (%)
  • Unemployment Rate (%)
  • Unemployment Change – 1 year
  • Unemployment Change – 1 year (%)
  • Jobs
  • Jobs Change – 1 year
  • Jobs Change – 1 year (%)

Though crime and employment Value Drivers are not used by the automated valuation model (AVM), they provide great insights into the safety and economic status of the area. These new Value Drivers enable users to better assess the underlying drivers of property value.

If you’d like a demo of these new features, please reach out to me, your account executive, or set up an appointment here.

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