How GeoPhy Powers Appraisals into the Future

Read the new white paper from our joint venture Apprise by Walker & Dunlop to learn how we’re changing the commercial real estate appraisal business.

GeoPhy's JV with Walker & Dunlop - Apprise - has a new whitepaper

With its new white paper, Apprise by Walker & Dunlop – our joint venture with Walker & Dunlop – details GeoPhy’s role in ensuring objectivity, consistency, and transparency for commercial real estate (CRE) appraisals. 

The Modern Appraisal contrasts the traditional commercial appraisal approach with its challenges to that of Apprise and how we address them. GeoPhy’s technical capabilities automatically gather industry standard and proprietary data sources for Apprise, removing the cut-and-paste approach too common in the industry. In the process, we make the appraisal process faster proving that you no longer have to sacrifice quality for speed.

Our colleagues at Apprise will be glad to answer any additional questions after you read the white paper.
To learn more about how GeoPhy can change your CRE business, reach out to us. You can also just sign up here for a free trail of Evra, our platform which includes GeoPhy’s CRE automated valuation model at its core, to experience how real estate is meeting data science.

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