GeoPhy Launches Improved Tenant Credit Profile

Increases coverage of multifamily universe by 66%

Today we are excited to release a new version of our Tenant Credit Profile offering that increases our coverage of multifamily properties by 66% to more than 500,000 properties. In particular, this new release provides greater coverage of garden-style properties in suburban and rural areas.

This was made possible by the stellar work of the GeoPhy data science team who made step-change improvements in the identification of multifamily properties across the country as well as the mapping of each property to the unique mailing address associated with it.

The work increased Tenant Credit Profile’s coverage of aggregated credit scores by more than 150,000 properties in Urban and Inner Suburb neighborhoods – which share close proximity to amenities such as groceries, restaurants, and entertainment options. The more than 80,000 properties added to Suburban and Rural neighborhoods tend to rely more on automobiles to reach amenities. 

And here’s an example showing where the most additional properties were added to select neighborhoods in metropolitan Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Alpharetta, Georgia:

How Clients Use TCP

Tenant Credit Profile provides aggregated credit scores and metrics for tenants currently living in the property. It is updated monthly and includes two years of historical trends, enabling commercial real estate professionals to screen off-market properties, validate underwriting assumptions, monitor owned and serviced assets, and monitor tenant migration. 

With this update, GeoPhy clients can expect higher Tenant Credit Profile hit rates when they search in our Evra web application as well as when they ask us to match portfolios or groups of properties. Higher hit rates mean more insight and better decisions!

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