Disclaimer GeoPhy manages and promotes the GeoPhy platform and the accompanying database. All intellectual property on GeoPhy and OfficeRank™, including at least the database, the website and the word OfficeRank™ (hereafter: OfficeRank™), rest solely with GeoPhy B.V..

GeoPhy B.V. offers specifically determined non-exclusive and non-transferable licenses to use the GeoPhy platform and data. The License explicitly excludes the right to share (parts of) the GeoPhy platform and data in the form of a database or other data source to third parties.

The collection, structuring and presenting of data takes place with the utmost care. GeoPhy B.V. can not offer a guarantee on the validity or completeness of the database and any form of liability for damages resulting in the use of the GeoPhy platform is waived. GeoPhy B.V. is not liable for any claim from third parties that results from the use of the GeoPhy platform.

GeoPhy B.V. maintains the right to withhold or end access to the platform for technical, legal or security reasons, without a right to compensation. GeoPhy B.V. has the right to deny access to anyone that acts against the GeoPhy terms and conditions.

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