Using geospatial Reach, we can link and integrate market & location data to any location

Location, Location, Location

Any real estate story is always about location, but not necessarily driven by any actual data. We provide linked data on amenities such as bars, restaurants and schools, human activity in a location, accessibility by car, walking or transit as well as more traditional metrics on demographic and socio-economic profiles for any location or market.

GeoPhy is an instrumental partner in the global data strategy for our real estate portfolio.

Patrick Kanters, APG

Market Dynamics

From rent levels and rental growth to specific metrics such as data on freight flows (for logistics), tourist density (for hotels) or tech company/start-up growth (for offices), we combine various proprietary datasets to create indices for properties and locations

We use the GeoPhy data extensively to support our site selection and analysis frameworks.

Hans Vrensen, AEW Europe

Geospatial Reach

Using detailed networks for roads, transit and walking, we determine the actual reach in travel minutes from any location on earth. This allows us to compare and benchmark a location from hyperlocal (what bars and restaurants are within 5 minutes of my location) to high level macro (how many people live within 8 hours driving).

We make extensive use of the GeoPhy Reach technology to help us identify great locations for acquisitions and new development.

Ekaterina Avdonina, Delin Capital

REIT Portfolio Data

We track the portfolio composition of every major listed property company in the world. By combining that dataset of over 600 companies with our unique enrichment layers, we can create portfolio benchmarking on metrics such as sustainability, portfolio quality and portfolio risk.

Our partnership with GeoPhy offers a wealth of new data for our information products.

David Harris, FTSE Russell


Our API offers easy access to a wide range of different datapoints. Whether you are an individual investor, data enthusiast, corporate analyst or developer, our API is built for you. You only pay for what you use with transparent pay-as-you-go pricing. You can get started directly by setting up an account.

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