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With a $33 million Series B round secured, we’re excited to announce the new partnership forged with Index Ventures, along with existing relationships strengthened with Inkef Capital and Hearst Ventures.

To our valued clients – get excited.
In the medium term, we’ll continue to focus on bringing clarity and speed to commercial real estate (CRE) valuations where fewer, infrequent data points and proprietary information gatekeepers currently hamper transparency and accuracy. We’ll look to accelerate product innovation with the introduction of more predictive features and UI functionality. We will also grow our presence internationally with an extended footprint across the globe to better scale and serve your needs.

In the long-term, GeoPhy anticipates expanding its coverage of the residential market and include emerging markets where the lack of a reliable central registers makes it difficult to collect taxe, prove property ownership, or securite loans. We see a future where GeoPhy’s technology provides the railings for countries to build comprehensive real estate registries to help drive economic growth.

“Since our initial investment the GeoPhy team has gone on to show impressive commercial traction, while their proprietary data management platform and advanced algorithms continue to validate and refine their valuations model. Additionally we have seen new use cases for their data emerge, such as their recent partnerships with Four Twenty Seven and FTSE Russell to launch new green real estate indexes powered by GeoPhy data.”Hearst Ventures.

“At the time of our initial investment a few years ago we were already impressed by the vision of Teun, Sander & the Geophy team which they have relentlessly pursued since. The real estate market globally is notoriously opaque and Geophy's focus on technology and product will be change catalyst in our opinion. Participation in this round was a no-brainer and we are excited to continue the journey together.”Inkef Capital

To our team – get ready!
From our start in the Nieuwe Plantage garage office in Delft, to five office locations across Europe and the U.S., we have grown and we’ll continue to grow, together. You are part of the reason for our success. Without your talent, grit, and dedication, we would be nowhere.

But, this is just the beginning. As we continue to focus maniacally on client needs and the technology, think and act boldly, pursue our goals relentlessly, and care deeply about each other, we’ll continue to drive GeoPhy to new heights. I look forward to what we’ll accomplish.

To our future teammates – we are just getting started.
We engineer property valuations for the modern world. Today, institutional commercial real estate investors, lenders and market intelligence providers increasingly rely on GeoPhy to optimize how they research, report and make high value decisions. Over this past year alone, we’ve seen 100%+ team growth across business development, client success, engineering, and marketing teams. We are just getting started and we would love to meet you.

Thank you!
Together we are building incredible technology that’s bringing clarity to how the market values properties.

About INDEX Ventures
Index Ventures is a London and San Francisco-based international venture capital firm that helps the most ambitious entrepreneurs turn bold ideas into global businesses. Index-backed companies that are reshaping the world around us include Adyen, Deliveroo, Dropbox, Elastic, Funding Circle and Slack. To learn more, visit

About INKEF Capital
INKEF Capital is an Amsterdam-based venture capital firm that focuses on long-term collaboration and active support of innovative technology and healthcare companies. INKEF Capital was founded in 2010 by Dutch pension fund ABP and with €500 million under management it is one of the largest venture capital funds in the Netherlands. INKEF focuses on investment opportunities in Healthcare, Technology, IT/New Media & FinTech.

About Hearst Ventures
Hearst Ventures is a global investment group that makes strategic investments in fast-growing companies in the media and technology sectors. Since its initial investment in Netscape in 1995, the group has grown to become one of the most active and successful corporate venture funds, with more than $1 billion in strategic investments in companies including BuzzFeed, E Ink, Hootsuite, Pandora, Roku, Via and XM Satellite Radio.

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