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Energielabels kosten kantooreigenaren ruim € 1 mrd meer dan voorspeld (Dutch FT)

Teun van den Dries

Onderzoek van GeoPhy wijst uit dat het vastgoedeigenaren minstens €2 mrd kost om alle Nederlandse kantoren energiezuinig te maken. Dat is veel meer dan de €860 mln die toenmalig minister Stef Blok van Wonen eind november nog voorspiegelde. De onderkant van de kantorenmarkt wacht leegstand en verloedering.

Reading - Owning the Earth

Teun van den Dries

Owning the Earth by Andro Linklater explores the shift from communal to individual land ownership and how this has impacted both social and economic relationships.

Reading - The Undoing Project

Teun van den Dries

The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis offers an overview of the collaboration between Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman, arguably some of the most influencial minds of the last century. Looking at the world today, we have still not fully integrated their insights into how decisions are made.

Reading - Mystery of Capital

Teun van den Dries

Mystery of Capital by Peruvian Economist Hernando de Soto was originally published in 2000 but has not lost its relevance. Set out as an analysis of capitalism from a 'developing world' perspective, it identifies property (and specifcally property rights) as a primary driver for economic development. We couldn't agree more!

Quiet data revolution in real estate investing

Matthijs Storm (Kempen Capital Management) and GeoPhy

Investors can learn much from the likes of Google and Facebook when it comes to processing and integrating an unprecedented volume of data. We believe that the advent of the availability of an ever increasing amount of relevant data, and equally important, the technological means to process this data, is changing real estate investing forever.

Changing tide of regulation may leave some assets stranded

Teun van den Dries

Over the past six months, some major investment firms have committed to significant reductions of CO2 emissions in their portfolios. As governments and electorates expect carbon reductions, businesses face a painful period of adjustment. In the front line are producers of fossil fuels, which worry about their oil and gas fields becoming ‘stranded assets’ that will be wiped off their balance sheets under tighter CO2 rules.

Reading - Superforecasting

Teun van den Dries

Superforecasting by Philip Tetlock and Dan Gardner has a nice bold title, but is really a carefully researched analysis of what does and does not work when forecasting. Fascinating read on an extensive body of research in this space.

Reading - The Big Short

Teun van den Dries

The Big Short by Michael Lewis is not just reading in this case, as there is a very decent movie version as well. Great primer material for anyone interested in real estate finance and its capital flows.


Teun van den Dries

Like a ship’s captain, trying to see as far across the horizon as possible and cursing the fog which hides his views of rocks and storms ahead, transparency is highly prized by property investors. Asset managers need to make judgement calls worth many millions of pounds based on the best information they have available; no-one has a crystal ball, but they’ll arm themselves with the best investment telescope they can get their hands on.

Reading - Work Rules

Teun van den Dries

Work Rules is a book by Laszlo Bock, who was head of people operations at Google. As one of the great companies of this century and one of the most successful in recruiting and empowering high-performing teams, we love the insights and examples it offers.


Teun van den Dries

From a founder’s perspective, people (user, partner, investor, etc) generally expect you to have a boilerplate response of about 1-2 sentences that clearly labels you in terms they know and understand. The startup bit is easy, but it becomes less clear after that. 
We use ‘Big Data’ because it at least offers an indication of the underlying tech. We add ‘Real Estate’ to make sure that they can make the link to the correct industry, but is usually translated as ‘new site with vacancy listings’ as opposed to what we actually do

Maslow for Real Estate

Teun van den Dries

I have always been a fan of the ‘hierarchy of needs’ theory that Abraham Maslow proposed in his paper ‘A Theory of Human Motivation’ in 1943. His key insight for me is the linear order that he proposed, which was famously visualised as a pyramid building (although not by Maslow himself) up from physiological needs all the way up to self-actualisation.

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