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Realtime portfolio reporting and management, from individual building to global portfolio.

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Our platform is used by some of the largest investors and lenders in the world

Asset & Location Quality

Our proprietary quality scores provide a consistent measure for every asset class, combining data at building level with contextual information for a quality score that at asset and at location level.

“We use the GeoPhy quality scores for our fund investing in listed real estate. Their fund database drills down to the quality of the individual building, allowing us to work from building level up to a global portfolio.”


We track investments at building level, consolidating information on value and debt with ownership stakes into an overview of your global portfolio. Across every asset class and investment type.

“With investments in hundreds of listed and private funds around the world, GeoPhy Alpha offers us a holistic overview as well as valuable new insights and information. Patrick Kanters, head of real estate at APG”

Patrick Kanters, head of real estate at APG


Our proprietary carbon footprint model uses energy consumption data combined with local grid efficiency to assess a footprint for every building in our database. From reporting and benchmarking to reduction strategies.

“The data and insights of GeoPhy enable us to become the world’s first investor to map the CO2 footprint of its entire real estate portfolio down to individual building level.”

How it works

A semantic data platform unlike anything else out there

Our data model allows us to map the global institutional market for all relevant metrics and integrates seamlessly with contextual information for analysis and research.

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Portfolio management from building to global overview

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